Pre – Placement Services

Risk Inspection & Management

The suitability of any insurance program and its cost depends extensively on the management of risk by the Insured and the precautions taken towards prevention of losses. A comprehensive risk management program is a must for all.
We at TT Insurance ensure that our customers are adequately covered and protected against all risks by conducting Risk Inspections of the customer 'premises and developing a comprehensive Risk Management program to ensure safety at all times

Risk Valuation

The adequacy of cover depends largely upon the values insured for. Frequently, customers avail of insurance at the book value of the assets not considering the constantly changing market
A strong recommendation to all is to insure at Reinstatement value and not at the market value to ensure availability of the full scope of the insurance policy
We offer Risk Valuation surveys conducted by professionals accredited by the Association of Risk Valuers and scheduled banks to ensure that the assets are covered for their actual reinstatement values
This exercise is a must once in three years, especially so, if banks are involved

Portfolio Structuring and Design

In addition to management of your assets, it is important that the insurance covers chosen address your specific requirements towards coverage and the uniqueness of your requirements.
A comprehensive analysis is required of both your current insurance portfolio and the risk exposure to guarantee protection in the event of a loss.
Risks keep changing with change in market trends and the exposure has to be evaluated constantly

Insurance Management

As part of our services as an insurance broker, we provide seamless services right from the time of evaluation of risk to managing and processing claims including:

  • Sourcing of quotes from different insurers
  • Quote Comparison report
  • Placement of insurance policies
  • Day to day administration of insurance portfolio
  • Advance renewal reminders
  • Claims tracking and management
  • Regular training seminars
  • Market updates

Claims Management

  • 24 x 7 Help Desk
  • Regular Training seminars
  • Market updates and global trends
  • Dedicated service personnel to handle customer-specific needs

Additional Services

  • End – to – end handling and interaction with insurers
  • Arranging independent surveys and processing of claims
  • Arbitration management & handling
  • Assistance with Employee’s / individual’s personal / other requirements